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ALL PLAYERS PLEASE JOIN THE MDB DISCORD AND TYPE @Mayhem I am a player!! https://discord.gg/MZeaZ3C 

If you have been masters or higher in the past 5 seasons you are ineligible to play and if your opponent can provide me or another mod proof that you are trying to pass as a diamond player you will be disqualified on the spot.

Tournament will be held on the 29th of September at 5 pm PST or 8 pm EST/30tj of September 10 am AEST (depending on your region of coarse)

  • Format : Single Elimination (Full Bracket will be on Challonge after signup)
  • The tournament is Bo3 format until the finals, which are a Bo5. 
  • The maps will be picked using the ABAB format used in WCS. The higher seed bans first (A). The lower seed bans next (B). The bans continue until only three maps remain. The higher seeded player then picks the first map, and the lower seeded player picks the second map. (ABAB ABC)
  • Laddering is discouraged while playing in this tournament. If you are laddering during the tournament and it causes a delay of a match, you will be disqualified. ANYONE NOT IN LOBBY/GAME 15 MINUTES AFTER YOUR DUE TO START WILL BE DISQUALIFIED!
  • Games will be played on whichever US server both players agree to. In the event an agreement cannot be reached, the admin will decide which server is most fair for both players. Playing games on another region, for this tournament, is not allowed.
  • ALL of these rules, as always, are at Mayhem's discretion.


Please join the tournaments discord and tell me that your signed up so i can put you in the player section! This will make things so much easier for me.

Mayhem reserves all rights to make fun of everyone involved with this event. :)

This tournament will be live streamed on: https://www.twitch.tv/bringthemayhem

Финальные результаты

Победитель: kingdeuce
Достойный противник: set_2191
Возможно в другой раз: Marte_SC2

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